Monkey Whizz Belt Kit

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Monkey Whizz Belt Kit

3.5 Fluid Oz
Introducing the Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt - get ready for a wild ride! This pre-mixed synthetic urine is specifically designed to replicate human flow for your private needs. The product is created and tested in a laboratory to ensure its similarity to real urine. It is even used by professionals and lab technicians to calibrate urinalysis equipment. So, you can rest assured that no one will ever know you're using synthetic urine. The Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt is made from the highest quality imitation urine that is toxin and disease-free, and comes complete with an adjustable 100% cotton elastic belt, two organic heat pads, an easy-to-read temperature strip, and detailed instructions. The urine even smells like the real thing and foams when it flows from the belt.


  • This premixed laboratory control sample uses genuine urea to achieve an inscrutable level of authenticity.
  • Made in the USA

For Research and Educational Purposes Only!