Product Overview


UPASS - Pass your urine test with confidence.

3 Fluid Oz V8.4

If you require an alternative to your own urine, look no further than UPass Synthetic Urine. Its composition is so similar to that of natural human urine that laboratories utilize it to calibrate their urinalysis equipment. UPass Synthetic Urine is ideal for simulating wet sex or for obtaining a toxin-free control sample for urine testing. It contains all the same chemicals and properties found in organic, human urine, including creatinine and vitamins, as well as having the same pH balance and specific gravity. The only difference is that it is free of the toxins and bacteria that you may find in your own urine.

This product, crafted by Safeguard, is guaranteed to be toxin-free, making it a popular choice for laboratories requiring reliable, toxin-free urine samples. UPass Synthetic Urine is easy to use and offers a cleaner and safer alternative to natural urine. It is a top-quality option that is sure to pass any test.



  • This premixed laboratory control sample uses genuine urea to achieve an inscrutable level of authenticity.
  • Made in the USA

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